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UWS Acronyms

Ever wonder what those funny acronyms used by the UWS old-timers mean? No? Well, we're coming up with this list anyway.

If there is something that you think should be here, complain to BigDave.

ATFBureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. A federal agency that fast and furiously enforces our nation's gun laws.
BDSBush Derangement Syndrome.
DEMBarack Obama. (No, I can't figure it out either.)
HHSHealth and Human Services. The department formerly headed by scUM President Donna Shalalalalala and which now oversees Obamacare.
IIWIIIt is what it is.
ISISImage and Scanner Interface Specification. A standard for desktop scanners commonly used with high-speed production-quality scanners.
LIVLow-information voter.
LWNJLeft-wing nutjob.
MSMMainstream Media. The guardians of truth in a free society.
ODSObama Derangement Syndrome. Oddly, those afflicted with BDS seem immune to ODS and vice versa.
OKI am so superior to you in every way that it's not worth my time to explain why.
PDSPalin Derangement Syndrome, a condition closely tied with BDS.
POTUSPresident of the United States.
POTWPresident of the World (Barack Obama). Alternatively, Post of the Week. Or it could be the Post of the Week about the President of the World.
RINORepublican in Name Only
ROUSRats of Unusual Size. A species known to be prevalent in Washington, DC and surrounding areas.
RWNJRight-wing nutjob.
SCOTUSSupreme Court of the United States
scUMThe University of Miami. A school known for its ethical behavior and clean play on the football field.
TSLTechsideline, the former home of UWS, prior to our glorious revolution.
UWSUnited We Stand. The finest message board in all the land and the only Virginia Tech message board that supports Tapatalk.

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